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The extra virgin olive oil of “Trifillaris Olive Groves” is checked in the all stages of its production and its bottling so that it maintains always its rich flavor. The olives’ cultivation at our organic olive groves is fully compatible with the Organic Agriculturing Principles as determined by the E.U2092/91 regulation. When the olive crop reaches in his ideal maturation, it is transported immediately to a certified olive press where under strict specifications (low temperature/cold press, cleanness) we take the best quality of olive juice. Eventually we transport the olive oil under the best conditions to a certified bottling factory where it is also bottled in special conditions in order to arrive to the consumer inalterable.

We are proud to offer you also the our Cypriot products with high quality as:

Οlives green and black, olive paste, green hot peppers.
Cypriot coffee, carob coffee, carob tea, carob powder, carob cream, carob syrup, watermelon syrup, grape syrup, pomegranate syrup.
Spices, herbs, tea leaves.
Traditional Cypriot sweets from olives, soutzoukos, delights, honey.
Cosmetics: Organic laurel oil lotion, organic moisturizing oil from rose and olives , hand made soap from olive oil and herbs, rose water.